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Resume  Writing

“As a former recruiter, one of the biggest challenges I found in the hiring process was, that many applicants struggled to sell themselves on paper.”

In such a competitive job market it is so important to put forward applications that are visually appealing, ATS compliant and aligned to current market standards, as well as build an online presence and be active on such platforms as LinkedIn.

My role is to articulate your skills, experience and achievements effectively and enhance your personal brand so that you can position yourself as the #1 candidate.

I created Next Stop Employment to better support job seekers in their search for employment with family friendly employers.

So, you may be asking yourself – Why should I approach a resume writer when I can easily download a template online?

I totally get that – And sure, you could certainly achieve epic results on your own, there is no doubt about that but here are a few reasons why my clients come to me for help with their applications.

The thing is, employers receive HUNDREDS of resumes, and by hundreds I mean 200-500 depending on the job. If they are manually screening applicants, they don’t have the time to read every single word, so they will most likely skim your resume and determine your fate within 6 – 10 seconds.

  • My resume templates can easily be read and the important information is accessible to pass that 6-second test

  • I articulate your skills and experience professionally 

  • I produce a document that is aligned to current market standards and ATS compliant

  • Having a recruitment background, I’m aware of modern ATS software and can incorporate relevant keywords that can get you noticed

“I think we sometimes forget just how

important a resume actually is.”

Resume Review

Includes: A review of your current resume and feedback given via audio or word doc





Resume Only

Includes: A standard resume optimised for employability using up to date, industry expertise.

Note; All orders are a 3 - 5 business day turnaround


Resume + Cover Letter

Includes: A resume complete with cover letter to have you standing out from the crowd.

NOTE; All orders are a 3 - 5 business day turnaround 


Employment Bundle

Includes: professionally written resume, cover letter and optimised LinkedIn profile

NOTE; All orders are a 3 - 7 business day turnaround


“Investing in yourself could potentially be

the best decision for your career.”

Typing on Computer

I have just been told that my resume was one to stand out against 300 applications and I got the job

Roxanne, Customer Service