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I need a  VA

“As a business owner myself, I know first hand how time consuming & tedious those admin tasks really are. What if there was another way to give you back time so that you can focus on the tasks that actually move the needle forward?

Enter a VA! Your right hand woman. Your new biz bestie and biggest cheerleader! The one you can rely on and  off-load the back-end stuff so that you can focus your time on  client-facing and revenue generating tasks.

Does this sound familiar:

You are overwhelmed with the “business” side of things and want to focus on revenue generating and client service activity


You know that automation or streamlined processes would simplify your business and increase your profits but you’re not sure where to begin

You are done doing it all by yourself and could use an extra set of hands

What tasks can I outsource to a VA:

There are so many tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant. With video conferencing and other advanced technology now at our fingertips, anything that can be done in a traditional office, can be delegated remotely to a virtual assistant.

The most common tasks include:

- Inbox Management

- Project Management

- Social Media

- Tech Support & Set Up

- Podcast Editing & Transcription

- Admin & Data Entry

- Canva Graphics & Design

- Content Creation / Bl;ogs

- Website Management or Maintenance


I offer a completely free service for you to connect with my growing community of fully-trained and high-quality Aussie virtual assistants. All you have to do is submit your job lead below, fill in the questionnaire and VA's that match your criteria will submit their profiles for your review.


  • You submit a FREE job lead and your job brief is received

  • A job alert is then sent to our community inside VA Mastery who match your criterion

  • You'll then receive applications from VA's with the subject VA COLLABORATIVE REFERRAL - [NAME] with their attached professional rofile and in most cases a rates summary / guide

  • You manage the application process and decide who you would like to chat with further

Are you ready to get back more time?

Submit your job lead

Connect with high quality & fully trained virtual assistants

Take a step back and focus on revenue generating activities, our virtual assistants can do the rest


Thankyou so much for recommending Alicia, loving her already

Bree Sheridan (Business Owner)

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