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Career  Coaching

“Coaching provides you with a number of strategies and techniques to gain clarity around your career goals and improve your job prospects.”

Does this sound like you?

  • You are feeling a little less motivated or disengaged..

  • You are returning from parental leave and unsure where you fit in the job market

  • You are returning to work from a long career break and need support in preparing for your job search

  • You want to get clear and gain clarity around your career related goals

  • You want to feel confident heading into your next interview

If so, I’d love to support you!

Career Coaching

Discover the right career for you and gain the skills and confidence you need to go after it. 


Interview Coaching

Prepare for your next interview with positivity and confidence. Effective interview strategies to have you nail your upcoming interview.


Job Search Prep

All the latest strategies you need to search and apply for your ideal position.



Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Do you dream of securing a role that you are truly passionate about? Do you want to be fully prepared and confident headed into your job search journey? Does the thought of waking up everyday feeling genuinely content with what you are doing excite you? Or perhaps you need further clarity and support to fulfill those dreams. Let's work together to get you there.

  • Goal Setting Techniques - We dig deep into finding out your career goals and how you can align your values with a role that encompasses both

  • Career Guidance - Find clarity and determine what it actually is that you are meant to be doing through an accurate career quiz and personality test

  • Action Plan - You will be provided with several templates to create tangible and realistic goals and an action plan to successfully see to it.

Includes a 1-hour session, Get Job Ready EGUIDE and x2 weeks of messenger support


Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Are you getting to the interview stage but not having success? Do your nerves sometimes get the best of you? Do you need help remaining positive and radiating confidence? Interviews are never easy and can be an incredibly daunting experience. Employers are going to make initial assumptions of your character based on the way you present yourself. This 1-hour long session will provide you with all the essential tools needed to be successful in an interview, from a recruiters perspective.

  • Discover how to prepare for interviews and make a great first impression

  • Learn strategies to overcome nerves and build your confidence

  • Sell yourself effectively

  • Learn how to answer common interview questions

  • Receive help preparing responses to the most common and difficult interview - behavioural based interview

NOTE; All sessions are one hour in duration only 


Job Search Prep

Job Search Preparation

Head into your job search feeling confident. The recuitment process has become so complex and the job market is every changing. With unemployment at a record low, it is no suprise that there is some fierce competition among candidates applying for work. After this session concludes you will feel confident;

  • Targeting and researching prospective employers

  • Utilise job search avenues that work for you

  • Use social media to your advantage - LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Knowing the current job market and where you fit in

  • How to tailor your resume and cover letter effectively

Includes a 1-hour session, a Get Job Ready EGUIDE & 2 weeks of messenger support


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Not sure where to start?


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